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600 Club

About Us

The 600 Club is a group that runs tournaments for female bowlers who have rolled a sanctioned 600 series.  The Lancaster 600 Club is also a member of the Quad City 600 club, comprising Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Mason/Dixon, and now Reading Clubs.

Three upcoming tournaments will be held in February, March, and April 2024. CLICK HERE for the tournament flyer.

Additionally, Quad City Tournament is held the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving every year (11/23/24) and rotated among the 5 clubs. This year will be hosted by the Lancaster 600 Club. More details to come.


Who Can Bowl?

Any female who has rolled a sanctioned 600 series in the past decade! Annual membership dues are $5 and can be paid at the first tournament you attend.

Contact us at

Nora Petrosky, President


Vicki Lewis, Vice President

Cristine Plum, Secretary/Treasurer

Contact Us

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